Our publication was established in 2005 as the premier magazine for the real estate business.

Founded by Becki Daniel, herself a Realtor, it was intended primarily as a publication to serve the needs of the real estate agent, looking for the best luxury properties on offer.

Aiming squarely at the luxury homes niche, our magazine guides Realtors and real estate agents towards the right types of properties for your most hard to please customers.

Our monthly magazine provides a unique method of promoting listings and other services that the real estate agent needs.

With stunning photography of the beautiful homes on offer and a highly niche distribution outlet, we have brought the publication to the top of the local industry, in a very short timescale.

In 2016 we were proud to be crowned “Coffee Table Magazine Of The Year” in an industry survey award.

Today, we reach out to real estate agents and Realtors across the country and our circulation figures continue to soar.

We currently publish in excess of half a million copies nationally, each month – and that number is set to rise!

The publication has numerous partners within the luxury living market and continues to grow its links into the industry.

To our advertisers, we offer a fantastic opportunity to advertise to a highly lucrative niche market, in a publication which is going places and influencing opinion shapers.

But now it is not only the real estate industry which our magazine targets. We also appeal directly to the home hunters themselves.

Now members of the public are getting on board and seeing for themselves, the best properties in the United States.

Although all our featured homes are also available on our website, the talented photography and skillful staging in our paper edition has to be seen to be truly appreciated.

Our aim is truly to become the number one friend and informant of the Realtor or luxury home hunter in the United States.

And it is a goal we are well on our way to achieving!